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April 4, 2012
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Name:��Alex Salim
(Full name: Alexander Carter-Salim)

Age: 28 years

Date of birth:��19.01.1984 (19.jan.1984)

Height:��1.84 m

Eye color: Grey

Hair color: Dark Brown


Region: New York City, USA

Special Abilities: Eagle Sense

Often used:
1. Hidden blades
2. Kodachi
3. Silent pistol (Beretta 92 FS)
Less used:
4. Silent sniper rifle (Dragunov SVD)
5. Katana(sometimes)

Fighting styles:
Karate, Defendu

Also able to use kodachi and hidden blade at the same time. Learned from modern assassins, which was relatives of Indians.

He is calm, kind, intelligent and sociabe guy, but he became and cruel a bit rough when he lost his mother. He respect his friends and allies, so he tries to talk with them calmly. Even when he is stressed or outraged. It's hard to do so, but when it happens - he can firsty act and only then think and also he becomes agressive. He is not afraid to give his opinion, even offensive. If someone from his friends will get into trouble - he'll be the rescue team. Even if it's not task from den leader.

Strengths: Very skilled in close combat, using blades and guns. Also have parkour skills.

Weaknesses: Heavy weapons.

Clothing: Black hooded coat with zipper and red lines on hoodie, red assassin logo on hood and also red inside. Red T-shirt, jeans, sneakers. Also have a bag, similar to Desmond's, but with some pockets on the handle.

Fears: Losing people, that is close to him.

Talents: Close combat, blades, guns, parkour, running.


Mother: Jean Carter
Age(at the moment of death): 40 years
Descendant of the family of Auditore. Partly Italian. Assassin.

Father: James Salim
Age(at the moment of death): 44 years
High-ranked templar.

James and Jean met each other in local cafe. They start a relationship and after 3 years they married. After 2 more years) Alex was born. They led a peaceful life of simple family, but they didn't know who they were outside their family…

But one day their secrets were revealed. Jean got a mission to kill one of the high-ranked templars in Abstergo. She spotted and followed him. After half an hour she attacked him. He blocked her attack. They fought each other without knowing who they are trying to defeat. Hooded templar finally bested Jean and took off her hood to see her face and then kill. He recognized his wife. He was totally shocked. He left her live, but at home he said that he doesn't want to live with an assassin. Now Jean learned that her target was also her husband. James leaves her and takes Alex with him.

Jean raised and trained Alex from his birth as an assassin and also her replacement in assassin team, created by her and her sister Linda. But she had to stop when he was 14 years old. James took Alex with him, brought to Abstergo and began to make him another templar. From 14 to 18 years Alex was taught to be templar. But Alex took only fighting skills from father's lessons. After that Alex began to be tested in Animus. Animus found memories of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. For 2 days Alex relived memories of Ezio, and after that he heard what Vidic plans about him.
He decided to escape from Abstergo. Skills, which he obtained throughout his life, helped him to do that.

Vidic forced James to create a plan, which will return Alex to them. James caught his ex-wife and send message to Alex, that templars caught them and will kill them, if he won't save them. Alex knew that he lies and decided to go only to save his mother from them. He arrives to Abstergo and kills many templars, before reach his parents. Alex and Jean escape from Abstergo, but Jean gets shot. James's plan fails and then Vidic kills James.

Alex and Jean finally arrive to assassin base. Jean lost too much blood to stay alive, but she says her last will to Linda and then to Alex. She says to Linda to help her son as long as it possible and also says to find documents that Jean gave to her before. To Alex she says that she will always be with him and then says to avenge her. After that she dies right on Alex's hands.

Linda creates a plan, which will help to find killers of her sister. Alex becomes the bait, on which killers will react. Group of templars finds Alex and tries to kill him, but most of them die first. The last one, their leader and killer of Jean, dies from Alex's hand.

After that, in age of 19 years, Alex joins Assassin Order. In Jean's documents (which she gave to Linda) Alex counts as her recruit and her replacement, if something happens to her. From 19 to 26 years he does next things: from 19 to 20 years he fully synchronizes with Ezio Auditore. From 20 to 26 he increases and upgrades his skills with help of Linda and other master assassins. In age of 27 he obtains rank: Master Assassin. Now he trains new recruits and creates his own assassin team. Also he contacts with his Italian relatives.
Finally...I finished this bio and uploading it here.

Update 1: 27.08.12 Fully redone.
Update 2: 08.09.12 Added more info, reworked "personality" part.
Update 3: 30.11.12 Added and edited info about weapons and skills.
Update 4: 27.02.13 Since his hoodie became a coat...I decided to change hoodie to coat.

Update 5: 21.12.13 Bio is now outdated. I got a better version in gallery.

Picture by :iconshakirai:
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